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Protect your costly investment in media production with Bureau Insurance.

It's easier than ever to get your message out there, but much more costly when mishaps occur and deadlines are missed.

There is a lot invested in making TV productions, videos and music that reaches your communities and target audiences.  Time and effort are required to produce the material and promote the cause.  High-tech media equipment is costly and vulnerable to damage or malfunction, delaying critical time frames and often necessitating re-shoots.

Bureau Insurance has negotiated the support of an industry leader in this field, who has over 40 years’ experience insuring media production companies and one-off events.  They understand the nuances of media production and offer both expert claims and loss control support, if the lights go out.

We can negotiate an insurance solution that suits your production needs within your budget and widen cover to include specialised extensions to keep ahead of new technologies.

Drone footage is a cost-effective way of obtaining spectacular imagery, but regulations on usage and potential aerial device liabilities can exposure non-profits to sudden losses from operating errors.

Let the team at Bureau Insurance protect your investments and help you get your message out there.

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