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Protect your organisation's computer equipment, websites and online transactions with Cyber Insurance in this increasingly digital age with Bureau Insurance.

The world is moving online

Charitable organisations are also keeping up with the digital transformation by moving their operations and administration onto cloud-based platforms and using other digital tools to streamline tasks involved in their mission.  This is a great way to reduce the workload of stretched staff and volunteers; however, using online systems, tools and storage does increase the possibility of cyber-crime and data breaches.  These are significant exposures, especially with ongoing legislative changes requiring increased protection of personal information.

Cyber cover by Bureau Insurance is perfect for Church, Charity, Camp, School, College or Kindergarten.  It protects against legal liabilities arising from data protection laws, management of personal data, and the consequences of losing information.  Like all of our policies, our Cyber cover can be tailored to the specific needs of your organisation.  We can include cover for your third-party liability, intrusions into your own network, interruption costs, restoration costs, breach response and consultation services, public relations costs and data forensic services.  We also offer a Social Engineering Extension to cover malicious activities like phishing, hacker theft and online extortion.

The risks and liabilities that come with any online operations and digital data storage are part and parcel of business in this modern age, even in the non-profit sector and among churches.  The convenience of digitalisation outweighs the risks for most organisations.  Having the right cover in place makes it easy and stress-free, allowing you to take advantage of modern technology that helps facilitate more excellent work in your communities.

You need Cyber cover to protect your church or charity, so contact the Bureau Insurance team to find out more.  We are the experts in providing insurance to non-profits organisations by providing coverage that works best for your unique activities and operations.

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