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About Us

Bureau Insurance is proud to provide Churches, Charities and associated Businesses with the confidence and security of specialised insurance, which is nationally served and globally backed.

We solve your insurance needs, so you can focus on what you do best.

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We help you stay aware of increasing rebuild costs, emphasise the importance of new replacement values for your contents and review those items you take out and about with you.  We offer different ways of protecting your income streams and ask what you would do if you couldn’t meet at your usual location.  We discuss your exposures to being sued or fined and help you mitigate as much liability as possible with specialised insurances.

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Charity &

We know charities want to spend donations on good works rather than operational expenses, but with a little creativity we can help you find the widest cover at the most competitive price.  Trustee decisions on the allocation of funds, gifts and grants open them to greater scrutiny and the chance of being sued, so liability insurance is essential in this litigious society.

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Camp maintenance and running costs eat into profits, yet not every asset may be worth replacing.  We help you decide what assets you want to cover in order to maintain operations and those you wouldn’t replace in the event of a loss.  We also help you consider the effects of seasonal occupancy rates on your income levels, so you only pay for what you really need.

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School & Kindy

Education (whether adult learning or childcare) comes with great expectations of achievement and personal safety.  Schools receiving private funding are often scrutinised more thoroughly and management systems for the protection of student information need to be robust. Allegations of mis-management or mis-appropriation of funds can ruin reputations and community standing, so our liability insurances help subsidise the costs of a Public Relations Consultant to help minimise disruption.

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"Home is where the heart is ..."

Church and Charity life often becomes our ‘second home‘.  Love, sweat and tears are the foundations of many great organisations and those legacies are then left for the benefit of future generations.

We recognise the importance of helping you protect all that personal investment, so that you can concentrate on building wider networks that reach further into your communities.

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Our team are passionate about safeguarding all your investment in your people and community by allowing you to concentrate on making plans to fulfil your vision, rather than worry about the potential risks.

We see value in offering our many years of experience in both insurer and broking firms to those making a difference in others’ lives.  We are focused on best outcomes for everybody NOT sales targets.  We care too, so caring is what you get, as well as our best advice and support when you need it most.

Our team’s experience covers all insurance types (except life and investment) and our market reputation allows us to negotiate where others may struggle.  We are solution focused and can think outside the box, which is proven by the unique level of coverage offered in our products.

We’re about “Good People helping Good People” to make a difference – trust us to keep you and your interests safe in the storms of life.

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An insurance service around People

A Charity or Incorporated Society is just a name, but their people are the driving force.  Decisions are made by trustees and board members that can have lasting affects on the welfare of patrons and their future vision.

People become personally and emotionally invested in the outcomes of the mission and legal action can taken against the decision makers in the heat of debate.  Their personal assets are therefore at risk, so let us help you to concentrate on your roles, NOT the risks.

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