Contents Insurance

Bureau Insurance also provides extra benefits to protect your organisation’s diverse range of Equipment and Contents.

Insuring contents is tricky at the best of times – trying to put a monetary value on your contents is a tall order.

For a Church, Charity, Camp, School, College or Kindergarten it can be even more difficult.  The equipment and belongings that are used to create and serve your community can have worth beyond just dollar amounts.  We know that many of our clients have high quality equipment that would be very expensive to replace.  The reality in today’s world is that any organisation’s assets are vulnerable to damage, destruction, or theft.  Insurance is therefore a necessity and good contents cover offers you huge peace of mind.

Bureau Insurance are experienced in and dedicated to providing comprehensive and effective contents cover to churches and charities.  We can protect your physical assets with policies and covers that are specifically tailored to non-profit organisations, allowing you to continue doing important work in the community.  In fact, our policies are not standard ‘off-the-shelf’ solutions; each one is customised to the individual party to ensure that they are well protected, despite the complexities afforded by the variety of contents used.

Insuring groups and facilities that serve our community is our vision, and providing top-notch, personalised contents cover is one piece of that puzzle.  Theft, damage and destruction of equipment can greatly affect the operations of Churches, Charities, Camps, Schools, Colleges and Kindergartens.  We want to make sure that these wonderful organisations can pick themselves up and keep going without too much disruption.

To find out more about our individualised Contents Insurance options, get in touch with the team.  We are here to help you do what you do, without worrying about loss of your contents.

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