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Get reliable business travel insurance for your New Zealand church or charity employees with Bureau Insurance, experts in this field.

Overseas travel can be a part of the work undertaken by church, charity and non-profit organisations, as they reach out to society.

For these occasions, we can provide comprehensive Corporate Travel cover that brings with it, peace of mind for those travelling and those looking after things back home.  Flights, rental cars, accommodation bookings and all the moving parts involved in going to different places in the world, can make travel stressful.  When things go wrong, it can be very expensive – something that our non-profit clients shouldn’t need to worry about.

We provide cover for employees and accompanying family members travelling for both business and leisure purposes, with premiums that are adjustable based on an annual declaration of actual days away.

Bureau Insurance makes it simple for Churches, Charities, Camps, Schools, Colleges or Kindergartens to get on with doing the good work they do, with less stress about unexpected financial situations.  Often, missions require employees to travel to different places around the globe or the nation.  We want them to be able to do so without money worries should something go wrong.  Issues can still arise despite the best-laid plans.  Bad weather, emergency situations, delays and other incidents may require reservations to be cancelled and new ones to be made.  Travel cover makes it possible to get through unexpected events without a huge financial blow and keeps things rolling smoothly.

Bureau Insurance will help you with your travel plans.

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